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Dog training for dummies, by Wendy Volhard and Mary Ann Rombold Zeigenfuse, LVT

Dog training for dummies, by Wendy Volhard and Mary Ann Rombold Zeigenfuse, LVT
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Dog training for dummies
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by Wendy Volhard and Mary Ann Rombold Zeigenfuse, LVT
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For dummies
Obedience training is one of the most important aspects of raising a dog. In fact, a well-trained dog is a free dog! Why? Because a trained dog requires fewer restrictions. The more reliable the dog, the more freedom he is given. Dog Training for Dummies shows dog owners how to select the right training method for their puppy, adult, or senior dog. Whether you want to teach Buddy to sit or master retrieving, this hands-on guide provides training to ensure a mutually respectful relationship with your four-legged family members. Based on positive reinforcement, trust, and obedience, the tips and tricks inside will help you bring out the very best in your beloved pet
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Introduction -- Part 1: Setting the stage for successful training. Dog training: the key to your dog's safety and your sanity ; Getting to know your dog and how he perceives the world ; Developing training savvy ; Understanding the vital role that nutrition and health play in training ; Gearing up for training success -- Part 2: Performing puppy preliminaries. Bringing your puppy home: what you need to know ; Surviving your puppy's critical growth periods -- Part 3: Tackling training basics. The ins and outs of housetraining ; Focusing on some basic commands ; Coming and going: two essential commands to teach Buddy ; Mastering some fundamentals: Sit, down, and stay ; Going for a pleasant walk ; Going to bed and all its practical uses ; Getting in, out, on, and off and mastering door and stairs manners ; Dealing with common doggie don'ts -- Part 4: Taking training to the next level. Retrieving: time to fetch ; Trick training for fun ; Training for fun and competition ; Completing the companion dog title -- Part 5: Handling special situations. Addressing aggression ; Helping Buddy handle special situations ; Keeping your senior dog young: teaching an old dog new tricks ; Supplementing your training efforts with expert help -- Part 6: The part of tens. Ten training traps and how to avoid them ; Ten fun and exciting sporting activities ; Ten reasons dogs do what they do
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