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Forest fighter, the story of Chico Mendes, Anita Ganeri, Margaux Carpentier

Forest fighter, the story of Chico Mendes, Anita Ganeri, Margaux Carpentier
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Ages 7 to 12, Crocodile Books, and Imprint of Interlink Publishing Group, Inc
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non fiction
Main title
Forest fighter
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Anita Ganeri, Margaux Carpentier
Sub title
the story of Chico Mendes
"A picture book that tells the important story of Chico Mendes, who led the fight to protect the Amazon rainforest and demand fair treatment for the people whose livelihoods depended on itChico Mendes lived in the depths of the Amazon rainforest where trees grew tall and strong and wildlife roamed freely. From the age of 8, Chico worked with his father collecting sap from trees that could be sold to make rubber. Rubber tappers were very poor and the rainforest was increasingly being destroyed by burning and logging, threatening their livelihoods. Chico knew he had to take a stand. He became a spokesperson for the community, fighting hard to preserve the Amazon rainforest, and speaking up for the rights of other rubber tappers. He won several international awards for his campaigns, but the loggers still wouldn't stop. At the age of 44, Chico was murdered by one of the loggers. Grippingly written by award-winning author, Anita Ganeri, and vibrantly illustrated by Margaux Carpentier, Forest Fighter tells the inspiring story of Chico Mendes, who was not afraid to speak up for others and worked tirelessly to protect the rainforest. It depicts the incredible wildlife and peoples who co-exist there and shows why it is so important that all rainforests are protected"--, Provided by publisher
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