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Old dogs, Sally Muir

Old dogs, Sally Muir
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Old dogs
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Sally Muir
"Following the success of A Dog a Day, Sally Muir returns with a sea of new, but crucially, old, faces. Several years ago, Sally Muir began a Facebook project, A Dog a Day, posting dog art daily. Through the project she was introduced to endless people and their dogs and the distinct personalities and complex emotions that owners attribute to them. More recently, Sally's project changed focus slightly to look specifically at portraying older dogs and they are collected here for the first time. Sally Muir is well known for her portrayal of dogs, with her artwork Elderly Dog featuring in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2018 and Hound following up in the Summer Exhibition in 2019. The popularity of Elderly Dog has fueled Sally's desire to continue to paint older dogs and celebrate the aging process of our favorite pets in grace and style. From loose sketches and lithographs, to potato prints and oil paintings, Old Dogs includes a range of mediums that Sally has become known for and embraces dogs of all shapes and sizes (big, small, pedigree, cross breed)."-- Publisher's description
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