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Beware, beware, a Juniper Song mystery, Steph Cha

Beware, beware, a Juniper Song mystery, Steph Cha
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Main title
Beware, beware
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Steph Cha
Series statement
Juniper Song mystery
Sub title
a Juniper Song mystery
"Working as an apprentice at a P.I. firm, Juniper Song finds herself nose deep in a Hollywood murder scandal where the lies may be more glamorous than most, but the truths they cover are just as ugly. When a young woman named Daphne Freamon calls looking for an eye on her boyfriend, her boss punts the client to Song. Daphne is an independently wealthy painter living in New York, and her boyfriend Jamie Landon is a freelance screenwriter in Los Angeles, ghostwriting a vanity project for aging movie star Joe Tilley. Song quickly learns that there's more to this case than a simple tail, and her suspicions are confirmed when Tilley winds up dead in a hotel room"--Amazon.com
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