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Now you know how it works, Valorie Fisher

Now you know how it works, Valorie Fisher
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Ages 4-7
K to grade 3
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non fiction
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Now you know how it works
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Valorie Fisher
"Valorie Fisher takes infographics to a new level with bright, colorful visuals that are perfect for young, inquisitive minds. Her eye-catching mix of photographs and illustrations compels readers to dive in and explore how things work -- from paper airplanes to straws, crayons to kites, pencils to boats, this book will answer questions kids have long wanted answers to, and go on to answer questions they didn't even know they had! Do you know why your shadow changes shape throughout the day? Do you know how a whistle makes that trilling sound? How about why a rubber ball bounces? All of these questions and more are explained in this exciting book, the first of two in the series. With the growing focus on STEM for this early age group, Now You Know How It Works is perfectly timed to reach that early reader and instill a love of STEM from day one."--, Provided by publisher
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