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Prince of outcasts, a novel of the Change, S. M. Stirling

Prince of outcasts, a novel of the Change, S. M. Stirling
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Main title
Prince of outcasts
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Responsibility statement
S. M. Stirling
Series statement
A novel of the Change
Sub title
a novel of the Change
"John Arminger Mackenzie wanted to be a troubadour, but fate made him the son of the King of Montival. His sister Princess Ólaith will deservedly inherit the throne of the High Kings, and it will pass on to him only in the event of her death, leaving the young prince on an unknown path to discover his true role in the family. The opportunity to prove his mettle comes when John's ship, the Tarshish Queen, is caught in the fierce storm raised against the enemies of the alliance. When the clouds recede and the skies clear, John and his crew find themselves on the other side of the Pacific, in the island chains of the Ceram Sea, fighting to survive against vicious pirates and monstrous creatures of the deep while meeting new allies and mysterious enemies of this world and another. Now Prince John must seize his birthright and lead his people in battle against the darkest forces man and nature can conjure against them"--, Page [4] of cover
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